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Kings of Sweden attend solemnity to sign agreement with CNJ

Thursday, April 06, 2017

In solemnity that counted on the presence of the king and the queen of Sweden, Carl XVI Gustav and Silvia, the president of the Supreme Federal Court (STF), justice Carmen Lúcia, signed on Thursday (6) a term of technical cooperation between the National Concil of Justice (CNJ) and Childhood Brazil. The document extends the partnership begun in 2011 between the CNJ and the Childhood Foundation, created in 1999 by Queen Silvia, aiming at the effectiveness of the fundamental rights of children and adolescents, primarily those who are victims of violence and abuse.

At the ceremony held at the STF's Noble Hall, the justice stressed the importance of exchanging ideas and experiences aimed at physical, sexual and psychological violence against children and adolescents and the need for human investment to solve situations of disrespect of dignity.

The member of the Childhood Deliberative Council of Brasil, Arthur José de Abreu Pereira, who signed the document on behalf of the institution, spoke of the results already achieved by the partnership with the CNJ. One of the highlights is the Special Testimony Project, which offers non-revitalizing methodologies for listening to children and adolescents who are victims or witnesses of sexual violence in the security and justice systems and in the bodies responsible for protecting children in Brazil.

The project covers the creation of more than 150 special rooms for protected listening in courts and police units, and the training of professionals who will assist children. In actions that also involve the United Nations Children's Fund (Unicef), the Courts of Justice and government agencies, 700 Brazilian justice system officials have already been trained to integrate this protection network.


The term signed today by the CNJ and Childhood Brazil aims to continue the cooperation between the two institutions, mainly aimed at improving the procedures and methodologies of testimony of children and adolescents in the Brazilian justice system and in the preparation of studies and proposals to give structures to care for children whose mothers are deprived of their liberty. Another point concerns the preparation of evaluation and monitoring studies of these activities.


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