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Exchange Programs

Teixeira de Freitas legal and academic exchange program within Mercosur and Associate States 

The Teixeira de Freitas Exchange Program encourages cooperation towards the creation of a regional legal and cultural dialogue between the countries of Mercosur and Associates. 

Its intention is to build and expand a common understanding to help strengthen the economic integration efforts and to promote training of teaching staff and students, as well as to stimulate the development of research and extension in the legal field within Mercosur and associate States.

Cooperation in the academic level is intended to promote mutual understanding of the legal realities of Mercosur countries and to support the development of legal research and to facilitate the creation of a space for reflection on issues which are central to the strengthening of the regional legal sphere.

To this end, the mobility of undergraduate and postgraduate students, teachers and researchers in the field of law among countries in the region becomes reality through the Teixeira de Freitas Exchange Program, which usually provides eight openings for students from MERCOSUR countries a semester, for the academic period of August 15 until December 2. In addition to attending morning courses in law school at the University of Brasilia - UnB, exchange students follow an internship in the Supreme Court in the afternoon.

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Joaquim Nabuco

The Joaquim Nabuco Exchange Program is an incentive for cooperation within MERCOSUR countries towards the creation of a regional dialogue on legal issues among the Member- and Associate-States.

This Exchange Program aims at making the Brazilian judiciary in all its instances known to visiting judges and judicial servants, thus contributing to the expansion of the basis for judicial cooperation, the strengthening of MERCOSUR and the promotion of legal security in the region, as a factor of political stability and economic and social development. Planned activities include assistance to hearings and sessions of trial courts, exposure to the functioning of national justice, monitoring of the routine work of judges of both the first and second instance, legal education in local universities, among others things. In the case of servants, they also get to know the administrative structure of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF) and they go through a period of internship in one of the Court’s Departments.

The Supreme Court (STF) provides twice a year, eight openings for judges and judicial servants of MERCOSUR Member- and Associate-States. In addition, the Supreme Court also sends its servants to know the functioning of the neighboring courts. There, the work schedule is determined according to the particularities of each judiciary system and court in particular. Each semester a selection process is conducted to determine the eight servers that will have the privilege to know on site how works the Judiciary of the countries participating in the program - currently Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Bolivia and Ecuador.

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