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The implementation of the exchange program was agreed during the 6th Meeting of the Supreme Courts of Mercosur, held in November 2008 in Brasilia. At this happening, the term commitment between the Courts and Supreme Courts of the member and associate countries of the regional bloc was signed, with the purpose of foment the law students exchange. The program aims to provide practical experience, research and academic improvement to the law student participant.

By the commitment undertaken at the time, the Courts and Supreme Courts should make available, at least, two places for students from each country participating in the internship program. Students can monitor activities of academic interest, by stimulate for knowledge of the language, literature and legal culture of the country where they are performing the exchange.

To participate in the program, the student must be regularly enrolled in law school or graduate in law. In the first case, the student has to attended, at least, 50% of the curriculum. The internship will length until 60 days and can be performed even during school holidays. The term will be valid for one year from the date of signature.

The commitment term provides that the student must fund their own stay, "including mandatory health-insurance, without prejudice to obtaining any sponsorship or subsidy by trade association or institution for promoting study and research".

On May 27, 2009, the Federal Supreme Court (STF) and the University of Brasilia Foundation signed a cooperation agreement with the purpose of implementing the Program of Academic Exchange Legal and Cultural rights of students between member-countries of Mercosur and associates.

The Federal Supreme Court (STF) has provided notice of accreditation No. 1/2011 for new partnerships, with intent of encourage the growth of the program.

Agreement for the creation of the Exchange Program (portuguese)

Agreement signed between the STF and the UnB (portuguese)

Notice of accreditation n.1/2011 (portuguese)

Resolution No. 400/2009 of Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (portuguese)

Resolution No. 418/2009 of Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (portuguese)

Trainee's Guide for Exchange (portuguese)

2010 Edition

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