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The Southern Common Market (MERCOSUR) is a trade alliance between South American countries to improve the economy and share values that reflect its democratic and pluralistic societies which are defenders of fundamental liberties, human rights, environmental protection and sustainable development. They also share the commitment with the consolidation of democracy, with the legal security, with the battle against poverty and with the economic and social development with equality.

The objectives of the Southern Common Market - MERCOSUR are:
1. the free flow of goods, services and factors of production among the countries, through, among others, the elimination of customs’ rights and non-tariff restrictions to the circulation of goods and any other equivalent measure;
2. the establishment of a common customs agenda and the adoption of a common trade policy in relation to non-member states or group of states and the coordination of trade positions in regional and international economic forums;
3. the coordination of the macroeconomic and sectorial policies among member-states: foreign trade, agriculture, industrial, fiscal, monetary, currency and capital, of services, customs, of transport and communications and others that are agreed upon in order to assure adequate conditions of competition among member-states;
4. the commitment of the member-states to harmonize their legislations in pertinent areas, to strengthen the process of integration.

Mercosur is composed by the Republic of Argentina, Federative Republic of Brazil, Republic of Paraguay, Easter Republic of Uruguay, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and Plurinational State of Bolivia (in process of accession).

Mercosur’s Associated states are the Republic of Chile, Republic of Peru, Republic of Ecuador, Republic of Colombia, Guiana (in process of accession) and Republic of Suriname (in process of accession). The participation of the associated countries in Mercosur’s meetings and the signing of the agreements are accomplished by the dispositions of the Decisions nº 18/04, 28/04 and 13/11.


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