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STF launches its new International Portal

The Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF) launches this Wednesday (01/09) its new International Portal. From now on, the page will concentrate all the information regarding the international role of the STF in order to establish a channel for international dialogue on the Brazilian Constitution and Constitutional Court. The portal will have versions in Portuguese, English and Spanish. In the future, there will be a French version.

Besides the description of the structure and functions of the STF, the page will submit reports of major court decisions. The portal will reunite the court's constitutional jurisprudence present in the major international databases such as the Venice Commission, the Global Legal International Network (GLIN), MERCOSUR and the Conference of Constitutional Courts of the Portuguese Speaking Countries. The website will give particular attention to cooperation projects under development by the court and the events that make up the international agenda of the STF.

The internaut can still keep up with international Clipping, which brings information published in major newspapers around the world on constitutionalism and supreme courts. Finally, the "Glossary" will give the foreign public the definition of national legal institutions.

The portal seeks to establish a bridge of exchange of the Court with the world. With this objective, will try to establish a two-way channel that allows, at the same time, submit to foreign audiences the STF and the Brazilian legal system and provide the national public information about what is happening in constitutional matters in other countries.

The construction of dialogue channels among people can be defined with one word: diplomacy. In this context, knowledge of fundamental legal and political structures, of the constitutional principles of a State, should set a standard feature of all who strive for greater integration between nations.

That lesson must be followed by legal practitioners in a field that has become more relevant in recent times: the judicial diplomacy, understood as the interactions and relations between domestic and foreign legal systems in order to improve the functioning of justice in the face of new realities created by the growing interdependence among nations. This portal hopes to contribute to this effort.

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