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The President of Colombia visits the STF



The president of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos was welcomed by the court's president, Chief Justice Cezar Peluso, and the Justices Marco Aurélio, Ellen Gracie, Ayres Britto, Ricardo Lewandowski, Dias Toffoli and Carmen Lucia. The attorney general's office, Roberto Gurgel, also welcomed the Head of State. Peluso told Santos that the choice of Brazil as a destination for his first trip after taking office honors our country, besides being a sign that relations between the two nations will be intensified.
The chief justice also noted the links with some members of the Colombian Constitutional Court and emphasized the independence of the judiciary in that country. Peluso said that Colombia has not yet confirmed its participation in the Second World Conference of Constitutional Courts to be held next January in Rio de Janeiro. So far representatives from 80 countries have confirmed their presence. Santos said that will reinforce personally the invitation to the President of the Colombian Constitutional Court, who he will meet next Friday (3/9).
Juan Manuel Santos said he was honored to visit "this holy place of democracy" and confirmed the intention of his government to strengthen ties with Brazil in various sectors. Colombia has four higher courts: the Constitutional Court, the Supreme Court, the State Council and the Supreme Council of Judicature. Is an ongoing reform that aims to abolish the Supreme Council of Judiciary, responsible for reviewing administrative and disciplinary matters.
The president also reported difficulties that Colombia has faced due to the failure of Parliament to regulate the rights guaranteed by the Constitution of 1991, regarded as extremely "guarantee". Due to the omission, the Judiciary is made to serve as the Colombian Congress, being taxed to practice "judicial activism." With good humor, the ministers of the Supreme Court said the situation also occurs in Brazil, there is even a specific question for this legislative omission - the writ of injunction.
The President of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE), Minister Ricardo Lewandowski, Santos urged to send international observers to the General Elections in Brazil on October 3 and did a quick explanation of the Brazilian electoral system and the revolution caused by electronic ballot box. Unlike Brazil, in Colombia voting is not compulsory. For this reason, Santos asked about the average rate of abstention in elections occurred and the sanctions applied to the voter who does not fulfill his duty to vote. Lewandowski put the technology of electronic voting machine available to Colombia.

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