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Justice Peluso wants to stimulate the alternative dispute resolution

In an interview to the Consultor Jurídico magazine, the President of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF), Chief Justice Cezar Peluso, advocated the adoption of alternative methods of conflict resolution as not only to reduce the workload of the judiciary, but primarily as a stimulus to social peace. According to the Minister Peluso, is more fruitful to try to resolve conflicts through dialogue. At the same time, an agreement reached peacefully offers society a way to make itself more peaceful.
This new mindset, however, should not be restricted to non-judicial settlement of conflicts. We must incorporate it to the judiciary as an instrument of his own performance, the use of alternative dispute resolution as an alternative response to the solution by imposing decisions and judgments. Thus, access to the judiciary would be not only through litigation, but also through an alternative that the judiciary itself would put at the disposal of society.
The idea, continued the Minister, is to give society a way of becoming more peaceful and, therefore, lower the litigation. There will be a relief in the caseload, but this relief is a by-product of something far more important, the social peace.
To put the idea into practice, subsidies are being collected to formulate a project that takes the judiciary to adopt a new attitude. One of the proposals, for example, is considering the number of cases pacified as a criterion for promotion.

Read the interview (portuguese only)


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