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Law students from Mercosur countries participate in an exchange program at STF

Friday, March 18th 2011.

Six law students participate in the 4th edition of the Teixeira de Freitas Program. Students will stay the next four months at the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF) taking an internship program, which has been developed as a stimulus to the mutual understanding of legal realities of MERCOSUR and Associated countries. In this edition, STF has received three Chileans, two Argentineans and one student from Portugal.

According to the Advisory for International Affairs of the Supreme Court, who will oversee activities to be undertaken by the trainees of Mercosur, students will seek to develop their legal knowledge through a comparative methodology, sharing knowledge about their home countries, as case law, and getting to know the Brazilian Judiciary. Activities include translation to Spanish of the Court’s important judgments abstracts, participation in debates on Brazilian legal institutions and attendance at panels and plenary sessions.

Besides, they will work during a few weeks at STF departments, as the Judicial Secretariat and Justices offices, and at some of the Brazilian Courts hosted in Brasilia. Finally, they will visit some institutions related to the Judiciary. Students should record all activities in reports to be checked by supervisors. These reports will be forwarded to both the University of Brasília (UnB) and to the student's home university.

The exchange lasts from March 14 to July 9, and can be extended until July 31. Students will take some law classes at UnB in the morning and receive professional training during four hours daily, in the afternoon, at the Supreme Court.

Teixeira de Freitas Program was created at the 5th Meeting of Supreme Courts of MERCOSUR and is carried out by STF in partnership with the University of Brasília. It aims to provide practical experience, research and academic improvement to the law student participants.

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