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Bellagio Forum supports the establishment of a world university of public security in Brazil

From April 4th to 8th, the Chief Justice of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF), Cezar Peluso, participated in "Bellagio Forum on establishment of the UN University of Public Security”. The event, sponsored by the Rockefeller Foundation in Bellagio (Northern Italy), brought together about forty experts in public security from all continents to discuss the creation, in Brazil of a university specialized in public security and social development.

The idea of creating a multidisciplinary education institution on the issue of public security and social development was launched by Justice Peluso in his inaugural speech as Chief Justice. The proposal received support from President Dilma Rousseff, who has discussed the matter with the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

The project falls within the "new paradigm" that has been framed around the need for an intersectoral approach to issues of public security and human and social development. According to the definition adopted by the UN, human security is the concept which combines the dimensions of peace, security and development. This is a concept that involves not only the absence of internal violent conflict, but also fundamental rights, governance, access to health and education etc.

Bellagio Forum represents an important theoretical contribution to the definition of the university model. Experts discussed the following points, among others: definition of "public security", proposals on curriculum and the institution's shape, social policies as pillars of citizenship and of public security strategy, peacemaking and human rights, democratic rule of law, security and social development, international relations, human rights and criminality.

On the first day of the international seminar, Peluso presented the broad outlines of his proposal. He underlined that the Pacifier Police Units (UPP) are examples of the interaction of state agents in several areas (police, judiciary, health, education etc.) in order to pacify areas once controlled by criminals and bring citizenship and basic state services to needy populations.

After three days of discussions, researchers reported a "Declaration of Bellagio", through which they made themselves available to the Brazilian government to provide technical and scientific support in the process of formulating a proposal to be forwarded to the UN for the establishment of the University in Brazil.

At the closing session of the Bellagio Forum, Peluso thanked the international researchers and said that the contribution of experts from all around the world was essential to the success of the initiative, adding that he will attempt to organize the second meeting of the Forum to take place in the second half of this year.

The Palestinian Sharif Elmusa, a professor at Georgetown University in Qatar, said the choice of Brazil to host an international education and research institution represents the recognition of the transformation process experienced by the contemporary international scene.

Similarly, Emilio Viano, from American University, noted that Brazil currently meets all the credentials to lead the process of establishing the university. Raul Zaffaroni, from Argentina's Constitutional Court, said he would forward a memo to the Foreign Ministry of his country suggesting that the Argentine government formally support the Brazilian proposal.

Read Chief Justice Peluso’s presentation about the university of public security and social development.

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