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International Portal of the Supreme Court of Brazil completes one year on the Internet with over 33 000 visits

Monday September 19, 2011

The "International Portal" of the Federal Supreme Court of Brazil (STF) completes one year on the Internet. Created to promote interaction between the Brazilian Court and other Constitutional Courts, the site focuses on information about the structure, the jurisdiction and the jurisprudence of the Supreme Court (STF) and also on the organization of the judiciary in our country. It is published in Portuguese, in English and in Spanish. Its pages have recorded 33,574 hits so far.

According to the coordinator of the Portal, Cynthia Santos, a bulletin with decisions from Mercosur Courts (Mercojur) is soon to be released complete with a translation of a glossary in Spanish and English. She explained that as the International Portal is available in three languages, the issues that most call the reader's attention vary with the language.

In Portuguese, the links are accessed over the agenda, selected decisions of jurisprudence, exchange programs and selected decisions of the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China).

In the Spanish version of the portal, the highlights are "Relación de los Ministros de la Suprema Corte (Império / República)", "Estructura actual del Supremo Tribunal Federal", in addition to exchange programs and information on the "World Conference on Justice Constitutional" and the" repository of constitutional jurisprudence from Portuguese speaking countries".

In the English version, the highest levels of access are related to the history of the STF and the english version of the 1988 Constitution (under the link "About the Court”). Another highlight is the access to selected decisions of jurisprudence and also the "Permanent Forum of the Supreme Courts of MERCOSUR," the "Second World Conference on Constitutional Justice" and on "Best Practices for the Development of Justice."

For the Portuguese-speaking users, access to the jurisprudence of the Brazilian Supreme Court is done through the database, which provides search engine, accessible through the link "Decisions of the Supreme Court."

As for the international audience, there are links to selected decisions, constitutional issues in the field of jurisprudence and international databanks such as the Venice Commission, the Global Legal International Network (GLIN), Mercosur and the Conference of Constitutional Courts of Portuguese Speaking Countries.

Cooperation projects under development by the court and events that make up the international agenda of the Supreme Court are also published in the news portal. In order to collaborate with the development of global justice, the Supreme Court publishes innovative projects which are relevant to the improvement of judicial management in Brazil, such as "Best Practices for the Development of Justice," which can serve as an example and encouragement to improve judicial administration in other countries.

"The high number of access by users of the English version of the portal concerning "Best Practices" has positively surprised us, since the initiative to disseminate best practices has only been on the internet since two weeks having already reached a similar view rate as much older posts", said Cynthia Santos.

Users of the International Portal also have access to the STF "International News Clipping", which brings together information published in leading newspapers of the world on Constitutional and Supreme Courts, as well as to a legal glossary in Portuguese. 

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