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International Portal of the Supreme Court of Brazil creates Twitter profile

Monday, September 26th 2011

The International Portal of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF), which recently completed a year on air with over 33 thousand views, is now also on Twitter (

Created to concentrate all information relating to international activities of the Supreme Court, the International Portal gives a step ahead, bringing to the user, through this social network, the highlighted news related to the interaction of the STF with other courts, international agencies or specialized forums, and report the decisions of this Court representing important advances in the constitutional jurisprudence of the country.

Communication with citizens puts STF in the vanguard among judiciaries of the world

Bringing real-time information in order to increase transparency as well as promoting and supplying the digital environment with content that promotes direct communication between the Judiciary and Society are the main goals of the Supreme Court on social networks like Twitter and YouTube. Closeness of the Supreme Court to citizens through traditional and new medias also puts the Court in the world’s vanguard of social and institutional communication.

STF was the first court in the world to broadcast their judgments live through their own channels of television and radio, TV Justice and Radio Justice. In addition to transmitting the plenary sessions in its entirety, the networks broadcast judgements, explain the issues addressed in key processes and promote classes and debates in accessible language with the goal of bringing the Judiciary to the Brazilian citizen. The example is already being followed by other Supreme Courts such as the ones from Argentina, Mexico and the United Kingdom.

The transmission of information directly through a flexible social media provides the citizen who follows the Supreme Court awareness of high-profile decisions and judgments. If once people relied on traditional media to become aware of some actions involving public institutions, today, through social networking, dissemination of this information is faster and more dynamic.

The creation of the International Portal, entirely devoted to the international activities of the Court, was also a pioneering initiative. Besides the description of the structure and functions of the Supreme Court, the International Portal of the Supreme Court has reports of major court decisions, on the jurisprudence of the Federal Supreme Court of Brazil presented in major international databases, and on cooperation projects developed by the Court as well as events that compose its international agenda.

Twitter Official website of the STF has over 145,000 followers

The Federal Supreme Court page on Twitter now has more than 145,000 followers. The monitoring of Court decisions and the dynamics of the plenary sessions - when trials of greater interest and relevance is transmitted vote by vote - put the STF between institutions of higher influence and popularity on Twitter.

Released on 1st December 2009, the STF page on Twitter reached the maximum degree of influence (100 degree) one year after the releasing, according to information obtained through the application Twittergrader.
It is expected that the Twitter of the International Portal has the same level of acceptance by the international community.

Follow the International Portal on Twitter at


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