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Judges from Mozambique follow the Plenary Session of the Supreme Court

Wednesday, 28th September, 2011

The Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF)welcomed last Wednesday afternoon twenty judges from Mozambique, who followed the Plenary Session of the Court. The group, composed of judges and prosecutors, participated in a training that includes visits to institutions in order to exchange experiences and take suggestions for the improvement of justice in their country.

The group of Mozambicans was in Brazil from September 19th-30th, participating in the second phase of the Project “Brazil-Mozambique Legal Training for Trainers and Judges”, developed by the Federal School for Public Prosecution (ESMPU), in partnership with the Center for Legal and Judicial Training and the Mozambican Ministry of Justice. The project includes the supervision and monitoring of the Brazilian Cooperation Agency (ABC) and supported by the Office of International Legal Cooperation of the Attorney General's Office (ASCJI).

During the training, the group was presented to the activities of the Attorney-General’s Office, case studies related to their work, made technical visits to institutions involved in combating money laundering, organized crime and drug trafficking. The representatives of Mozambique attended hearings in the criminal Court of Justice of the Federal District and Territories (TJDFT) and attended lectures in the Department of Federal Police (DPF), the Board of Control of Financial Activities (COAF) and visited the Laboratory for Technology against Money Laundering, Department of Assets Recovery and International Legal Cooperation (DRCI). The visit to the Plenary of the Supreme Court is part of the training program.

The aim is to contribute to the efforts of the government of Mozambique in improving access and application of justice, promoting training for teachers, leaders and other magistrates of the judiciary to develop effective tools in the areas of criminal law and diffuse interests. In addition, the project seeks to strengthen legal cooperation between Portuguese-speaking countries and establish partnerships to fight crime internationally.
The federal judge Vitalina Papadakis says it has been possible to see that there are many differences in the organization of the judiciary of both countries. And the contact with Brazilian colleagues represents an opportunity to improve the Mozambican system and even think about the creation of new organisms into the country. Among the aspects that come to the attention of the magistrate is the fight against organized crime held in Brazil. "The investigation techniques are efficient and we think we can also move forward on this issue", she adds.

The Prosecutor of the Republic of Mozambique, Alberto Paulo, notes that the structure of the Brazilian Prosecution Office is more complex. In his country there are specific institutions for certain branches, all are concentrated in a single institution. "These are experiences that we will take to our country so we can discuss improvements," he said.

According to the prosecutor, the exchange of information may be relevant to combat the trafficking of persons, one of the greatest current challenges of the judiciary in Mozambique. "We should not forget the strong work that has been made against corruption in Brazil. I'm sure we can learn a lot", he praised.
The first training phase, devoted to theoretical activities, took place in April this year in the Mozambican capital. The training involved studies on the role of the Brazilian Prosecution Office, the justice system and fundamental rights, with emphasis on issues of criminal area, such as organized crime, human trafficking, weapons and narcotics, money laundering, corruption and tax crimes.

At the end of the course, Mozambican magistrates will prepare practical manuals of operation and theoretical training in the thematic areas developed. The work will be guided by Federal prosecutors.

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