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Magistrates from the Supreme People's Court of China belonging to the Women Judges' Association of China visit the Federal Supreme Court of Brazil

Friday, October 14, 2011

Under the cooperation agreement signed by the constitutional courts of the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa), a Chinese delegation of magistrates came to Brazil to learn a little about the Brazilian Judicial system. During the visit, which was organized by the Advisory for International Affairs of the Federal Supreme Court of Brazil, the judges visited public institutions in São Paulo and in the Federal Capital.

Led by Justice Wang Xiuhong, President of the Chinese Women Judges’ Association – CWJA and Justice of the Supreme People’s Court, the delegation was composed by Senior Judge Li Xiao, Standing Director of CWJA and Senior Judge of the Supreme People’s Court; by Senior Judge Wu Qiuxia, President of Shanxi branch of CWJA and Vice President of the High People’s Court of Shanxi, Province of China; by Senior Judge He Bixia, Chief Judge of Intermediate Court of Dongguan, Guangdong Province of China, and by Senior Judge Yan Song, Chief Judge of Laoshan Court of Qingdao City, Shandong, Province of China.

This is the second time that Senior Judge Li Xiao visits Brazil. Last year, she participated in the First Exchange Program of BRIC Magistrates held by the Federal Supreme Court of Brazil, which was attended by Chinese, Indian, Russian and Brazilian judicial authorities.

In the Justice Tribunal of the State of São Paulo, the Chinese magistrates were welcomed by Judge Maria Cristina Zucchi, president of the Brazilian chapter of the International Association of Women Judges (AIMJ). In the historic headquarters of the Tribunal, they visited the Trial Courtroom, a small Museum and the Full-bench Courtroom (Plenary). At the time, "The Art of Magistrates" expo was on display showing works of art by some of the local judges and justices.

In their visit to the People’s Defender of the State of São Paulo, the Chinese judges were welcomed by Dr. David Eduardo Depiné, First Deputy Defender-General for the State of São Paulo, who presented the institution to the chinese delegation and talked about the advancement of human rights concerning the poor and vulnerable since the creation of that official organ.

In Brasilia, the magistrates got to know the Federal Supreme Court and the work done by the Superior Electoral Court. The delegation was accompanied by Federal Judge Monica Sifuentes, one of the speakers in the I Exchange Program of BRIC Magistrates in 2010.

At the Headquarters of the Federal Supreme Court, they visited the Plenary Room and the Grand Room, accompanied by the Court’s Protocol Staff and went on to visit the premises of the Judicial TV Channel (TV Justiça), where they could see firsthand how court sessions are broadcast live (including those from the Supreme Court), that which speaks highly of the transparency of judicial decisions in the Brazilian judicial system.

Soon afterwards, the Chinese women judges were welcomed by the President of the Court Minister Cezar Peluso and by Minister Carmen Lucia. During the meeting with the President, the delegation expressed admiration for what they had just seen and praised the beauty of the Court building. They also asked some questions about the functioning of the Court and closed by inviting the Ministers of the Federal Supreme Court to come visit China. In Minister Carmen Lucia’ Office, they discussed issues like the legal system and the structure of the judiciary in both countries and the role and participation of women its development, both in Brazil and China.

In addition to having a conversation with the Chinese judges in her Office, Minister Carmen Lucia also actively participated in the presentation prepared by the Superior Electoral Court on the electronic voting system in Brazil. Minister Carmen Lucia, who is also a member of that Court, complemented the presentation by Giuseppe Janino with many commentaries and explanations, which were closely heard by the Chinese judges, who seemed very interested in the organization of the Brazilian electoral system.

At the end of their visit, the magistrates said they felt very happy, particularly given the friendship that unites the two countries and expressed their deepest desire to strengthen these ties.

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