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The Supreme Court of Brazil joins the Global Forum on Law, Justice and Development

Monday, November 21, 2011

The Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF) has joined the Global Forum on Law, Justice and Development, launched on Wednesday (16/11) by the World Bank in Washington, DC, USA.

Accession was given on the same day by means of a letter sent by the President of the Supreme Court, Justice Cezar Peluso. The Supreme Court, who had been invited last August to participate as a founding member of the Forum gave the Vice President for Legal Affairs of the Bank, Anne-Marie Leroy, the letter of endorsement to the initiative of the Court.

João Batista Magalhães, STF Advisor for International Affairs, and Anne-Marie Leroy, World Bank Vice-PresidentThrough this document, the STF stands out in the Forum and hopes to offer its experience as a contribution in the development of judicial administration, as well as to participate in discussions of other issues of international significance. The Forum aims to help in the identification, discussion and production of innovative and customized legal solutions to development challenges at the global, regional or national level. Its main objectives are: "(1) to promote a better understanding of the role of law and justice in the development process through structured dialogues of relevant South-South and North-South actors and a research agenda to promote co-generation of knowledge, including academics and think tanks, and (2) to strengthen and better integrate the legal and judicial institutions in the development process through selected initiatives on training and through an open repository of knowledge."

Among other founding members are universities, international development banks, research centers, associations of lawyers and official agencies.

Read the Forum description (in Portuguese)

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