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The Federal Supreme Court of Brazil takes part in the Ninth Meeting of Mercosul Supreme Courts in Ecuador

Tuesday, November 22, 2011.

The city of Quito, Ecuador hosted the Ninth Meeting of Supreme Courts, Courts and Constitutional Chambers of MERCOSUR Member- and Associate-States. The meeting held on 16-18 November 2011 was attended by delegations from Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay and by an observer from Mexico.

The meeting began Nov 16 with a dinner attended by the authorities responsible for the transition process experienced by the Ecuadorian Judiciary, including Dr. Paul Rodriguez, President of the National Council of Magistrates, who is the main authority in charge of the changes which are taking place.

The next day, the activities started in the morning, after the official opening speech delivered by the Minister of Justice, Dr. Johana Pesantez, who represented President Rafael Correa. Then the presidents and delegates of the Courts have begun discussions with a brief account of key developments made since the VIII Meeting, held in Brazil in 2010.

They began the debate on the theme of the meeting, "The challenges of judicial reform in MERCOSUR Member- and Associate-States", whose reflections sought to identify opportunities for cooperation and convergence between the Judiciaries of the bloc.

The Supreme Court of Brazil pointed to the success of academic and professional exchange programs as a materialization of the long axis of cooperation between countries in the region and took the opportunity to present its new project: the MercoJur, a monthly report of the most important jurisprudence in the region.

By the end of that meeting, it was decided that the next meeting will be hosted by Colombia.

Read here the Quito Declaration issued at the Ninth Meeting of Supreme Courts, Courts and Constitutional Chambers of Mercosur Member and Associate States.

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