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Mercosur caselaw newsletter

Thursday, December 15, 2011.

MercoJur is a monthly report on decisions and legal news of the Constitutional and Supreme Courts of Mercosur and Associates, which aims to broaden the channels for exchange of information and experience in the judiciary. Its main objective is to compile the most relevant decisions issued by the high courts of the region, acknowledging the development of its jurisprudence, so that it can serve as an update source, learning, encouragement and inspiration.

Besides facilitating the knowledge of the law and encouraging the exchange of experiences, the report MercoJur has space for publishing articles and news.

For the success of this project, it is essential the participation of the Supreme Courts of Mercosur countries to choose the most significant decisions of the evolution of their society through law.

With this service, the Supreme Court expects to facilitate the integration process in the judiciary among the Mercosul countries.

How MercoJur works

The MercoJur report consists of four sections: ‘Highlights’, ‘Jurisprudence’, ‘In Focus’ and ‘News’. In ‘Highlights’ there are decisions included in the jurisprudence of the month or a legislative change that may be of interest to others countries. In ‘Jurisprudence’ relevant decisions of each country are published. The ‘In Focus’ section is the space to explore issues in more depth or to express personal views which do not necessarily reflect the views of the Court, through articles, for example. Finally, the ‘News’ section is intended to convey or announce the hosting of events of interest to the community it addresses.

To facilitate the understanding by Brazilian users of cases written in spanish, the report has MercoJur titles and abstracts in Portuguese, but the whole case is linked to the original texts. The report can be accessed by the International Portal of the Supreme Court ( by clicking on the tab MercoJur, located in the upper right corner, or the banner Mercojur, located at the bottom right of the site.

How To Sign Up

To receive the monthly newsletter MercoJur simply register your e-mail address in the International site: After clicking, select the tab or banner MercoJur. Then click "Receive the monthly newsletter by email" and send an email to the address indicated therein.

How to submit material for publication

To send case-law selected by the Court to be included in MercoJur report, as well as articles, news, events etc., send an email to including the link (link) to the decision or the news to be released, or the decision itself, or news articles not yet available on the Internet.

If you have questions about how to proceed, send an email to, which will be answered promptly by the Advisory for International Affairs of the STF.

It will be an honor for the Supreme Court to rely on the valuable contribution of each of the Courts that are part of the Forum of Constitutional and Supreme Courts of Mercosur Member- and Associate-States.

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