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International Advisory launches legal glossary in three languages

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

Developed in Portuguese, English and Spanish, The International Advisory releases, on this Wednesday (14th), in the International Portal of the STF, a legal glossary in three languages. Elaborated in Portuguese, English and Spanish, the glossary is directed to the foreign reader and has 80 more entries than in the existing Portuguese glossary in the main portal of the Supreme Court of Brazil in the Internet.

The service aims at presenting to the international community, in an organized and simplified manner, the legal Brazilian institutes, focusing on the vocabulary used in the news regarding the STF activities.

Altogether, 180 entries compose the International Portal glossary, that took about one year to be elaborated and had the collaboration of many staff and interns of the Advisory for International Affairs of the Supreme Court. The work included research, selection, definition, translation, review and publishing of the entries in the site.

The objective is to continue to increase the number of published terms, in order to help the reader comprehending the legal content of the International Portal.

Further, the entries will be related by a hyperlink system, which will help the comprehension of the searched term, from a common semantic context.

Dialogue channel

The International Portal aims at concentrating all the information regarding the international activity of the STF with the objective of establishing an international dialogue channel about the Constitution and about the Brazilian Constitutional Court. The portal has versions in Portuguese, English and Spanish.

Besides the description of the structure and functions of the STF, the page presents reports of the main decisions of the Court and assembles the Brazilian Constitutional Court jurisprudence from the main international databasis, like the Venice Commission, the Global Legal International Network (GLIN), the Mercosur and the Conference of Constitutional Jurisdictions of the Countries of Portuguese Language. The website gives especial attenton to projects of cooperation under development by the Court and to events that compose the international agenda of the STF.

The visitor may also stay updated using the international Clipping, which brings information published in the main newspapers around the world about constitutionalism and supreme courts. It is also possible to keep up with the development of the jurisprudence of the members of the Mercosul, using the MercoJur report. Finally, the Glossary section gives the foreign public the definition of Brazilian legal institutes.

44 thousand visits


Launched in September, 2010, the International Portal received in the last year more than 44 thousand visits, from all regions of the planet. According to Google Analytics, from 134 countries that visited the International Portal in 2011, the more interested in the Brazilian Supreme Court are, in order, United States, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Spain, Peru, Portugal and Italy. Among the countries of Portuguese language, are Mozambique and Angola. Brazilians also access the Portal frequently, replicating its content in various sites.

Last year, the International Portal gained a profile on Twitter (, where news already translated into English are published. This profile, which is independent from the Main Portal of the STF, already have more than 2.500 followers.

The eletronic address of the International Portal is of easy to remember: It is also possible to access through the Main Portal of the STF, by clicking on English or Español at the top of the page.

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