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China's Judiciary strengthens ties with STF

Friday, June 8th, 2012

The Chief Justice of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court, Minister Ayres Britto, received today (June 8th) a delegation of representatives of the Judiciary from Republic of China, accompanied by Vice President of the Supreme Court of the country, Jing Hanchao. The visit was part of the Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation in the Legal Department signed in 2009, among the Supreme Courts of the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China). The Chinese jurist noted that the signature of the Memorandum laid foundations for the expansion of partnerships between the two countries. “Brazil and China are developing countries undergoing similar processes of economic growth and facing similar problems, such as increasing social disparities and the growing demand of the judiciary”, said Mr. Hanchao.

The delegation expressed particular interest in two aspects: the procedural mechanisms to meet the great demand and the measures to ensure transparency and improve the credibility of the Brazilian Judiciary. Minister Aires Britto spoke of institutes such as the binding precedent and the general impact on the productivity goals set by the National Judiciary Council (CNJ), and recalled the fact that the sessions having real-time coverage allows the understanding of the Supreme Court on relevant issues to come quickly to the attention of the other judges.

The point that aroused the curiosity of China’s representatives was the live broadcast of the trial sessions of STF via radio (Radio Justiça) and via television (TV Justiça channel). The Vice President of the Chinese Supreme Court was impressed and said that transparency is a concern of the Chinese Judiciary, but the idea still finds some resistance.

Minister Ayres Britto explained that, in the beginning, the measure also caused some surprise to some judges and some sectors of the society, but nowadays it is consolidated and the sessions also arise much of popular interest. “The live broadcasts are the social recognition that people has the right to know how the judiciary works”, he stated.

A delegação chinesa visitou as instalações da Rádio e da TV Justiça.The President of STF also clarified that, in the 23 years of the validity of the Constitution, the Supreme Court has never held a secret session.
“The society internalizes the idea that the diversity is also represented in STF and what prevails is the principle of majority”, he said, when questioned about the exposure of internal disagreements on important national issues. “It is a definitive achievement, there is no way back”.

At the end of the appointment, Justice Ayres Britto presented the members of the delegation with copies of the Constitution in English and was presented with a replica of a Chinese piece of art that represents a moving horse. “The cooperation between Brazilian and Chinese Courts will be just like this horse: fast”, said Mr. Jing Hanchao.

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