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The 3rd Teixeira de Freitas Seminar closed the academic exchange activities of the 1st semester 2012

Friday, July 6, 2012

On June 29th, the 3rd Teixeira de Freitas Seminar was held, ending the academic exchange activities of the first semester 2012.

The opening ceremony was performed by the Chief Advisor for International Affairs, Dr. Luis Claudio Coni. During the seminar, contemporary issues of Comparative Law were discussed, with the participation of the exchange students and some advisors from the Federal Supreme Court (STF). The seminar began with presentations of Dr. Marcio Boscaro, Judge Instructor of Minister Dias Toffoli’s office, on the issue of constitutionality of racial quotas - agreed on April 25th, with unanimous judgment by dismissing the ADPF nº 186. The Chilean student Hugo Figueroa, the first exchange student to speak, compared the difference of the demographic scenario in Chile, where the black population is smaller than in Brazil, and commented on the absence of special arrangements that consider the ethnic or racial criteria for the entry into public universities. The exchange student Isaiah Candia mentioned the efforts of the former Chilean President Michele Bachelet in giving greater global importance to women and also commented on other actions with the goal of eradicating discrimination.

The second theme concerned the Clean Record Law, approached by Dr. Manoel Carlos de Almeida Neto, Advisor of the Minister Ricardo Lewandowski. The presentation dealt with the controversy about the law, the trial dilemma and the history of corruption in Brazil. María Francisca Lazo and Bianca Martinez, also students from Chile, argued about the absence in their country of a rule along the lines of the Complementary Laws nº 64/1990 and nº 135/2010. Moreover, they explained the conditions in which a Chilean can lose political rights and therefore become ineligible.

After that, the Advisor of the Minister Gilmar Mendes, Dr. Luciano Fuck, pointed some remarks on ADI 4277 and ADPF 132, which recognized the homosexual union. Lucia Berro Pizzarossa, a student from Uruguay, signalized the difference regarding competence of Uruguayan Supreme Court, which does not have erga omnes effect, and mentioned the existence of laws that give homosexual unions the same rights of heterosexual unions since 2007.

Finally, the Advisor of the President, Dr. Julio Ribeiro, spoke about the Demarcation of Indigenous Land as a continuous area, discussed in PET 3388, mentioning the context of the National Constituent Assembly in 1988 and how it reflected on the Indigenous peoples's rights. Alejandro Medina and Emilio José Ferreira, students from Paraguay, argued about the guarani influence on the culture of their country and how the Paraguayan Constitution defines the rights of Indigenous peoples.

The program Teixeira de Freitas is an initiative that promotes academic cooperation in the legal area of the MERCOSUL countries and associates. The purpose of this exchange program is to provide for its participants a greater understanding of the legal realities of the countries involved, promoting the mobility of teachers, researchers and undergraduate and postgraduate students in the area of law.

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