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TV Justiça celebrates 10 years of its debut

Tuesday, August 14, 2012.

The first public television station in the world to broadcast live the plenary sessions of the highest Court of Justice of a country celebrated on August 11 its tenth anniversary. Created with the mission of approaching justice to the citizen, the Court TV has gained notoriety for the transmission of judgments of courts throughout Brazil, educational and cultural debates, news bulletins and daily journalism throughout his 10 years.

With a programming exclusively devoted to the judiciary, TV Justiça debuted with a 18 hours daily airtime in which there were presented television news, news bulletins,  live trials, educational shows, discussions and interviews. Currently relying on 24 hours of daily airtime, the station became an important tool to strengthen democracy and increase the transparency of the judiciary.

For the Media Secretary of the Supreme Court, Silvana de Freitas, TV Justiça is a milestone in the country's democracy and in those ten years of existence shows how important it has become to society. "TV Justiça represents a great gain to society, because it has approached the citizen, has facilitated the understanding of how the judiciary works and has brought more transparency to the justice bodies" she says.
According to the Secretary, the TV channel also has an educational character, because it addresses through its various shows, issues relating to fundamental rights and constitutional principles. Moreover, TV Justiça is always mentioned in talks between heads of state and foreign dignitaries who visit the Court.

The coordinator from Radio Justiça and TV Justiça, Julian Baptista says that the TV has been working along these 10 years to bring justice to the citizen and does so through its programming, broadcasting important information that directly interfere in people's lives. "We broadcast the sessions of the high courts, we report decisions of the courts throughout the courts, presenting how the decisions that courts in remote areas may be influential to the lives of citizens."

The journalist and lawyer Carlos Eduardo Cunha, the first anchor of the station to broadcast live the plenary sessions, agrees with this important role of TV Justiça for society and recognizes that the TV channel contributes to the transparency of the institutions. For him who presents, among other shows, Direto do Plenário, which broadcasts live the days of sitting in Court, the challenge is to follow up sessions so that you can reach not only the public specialized in law, but also people who have no knowledge in the area. "Trying to summarize what the Justices are talking about, without being professorial for practitioners nor incomprehensible to the average citizen it is my great challenge, but I always try to prioritize a more understandable language and translate the legalese."


To make these 10 years of broadcasting memorable, TV Justiça had its website completely redesigned, in an updated fashion and layout and it has recieved modern, more interactive tools. It can be accessed from all over the world. There is also a Youtube channel, allowing the viewers to watch playlists of the shows.

In addition to the new website, the station counts now on three new shows: Justiça seja feita -documentary about initiatives and decisions of courts of first instance; Direito sem fronteiras (Law without frontiers) - debates of international and comparative law, and a new version of the show Iluminuras, focusing on literature.

This Saturday (11), the station presented its viewers with a documentary on the history of its creation and evolution. The reruns will be presented on Wednesday (15th) during the during the intermissions in the broadcast of the plenary session of the Supreme Court; Monday, at 10:30 p.m.; Tuesday, at 6 p.m.; Thursday at 10:30 a.m. and Friday, at 10 am.

Watch the documentary prepared for the 10th anniversary of TV Justiça(Audio in Portuguese):


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