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Technical cooperation will integrate electronic handling of cases from STF and TST

Thursday, September 20, 2012

The president of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF), Chief Justice Ayres Britto, and of the Superior Labor Court (TST), Judge João Oreste Dalazen, signed this Thursday (20) an understanding for technical cooperation, focused on the electronic handling of cases of both courts. A software (Web service integration solution) to be installed and perfected by the IT department of the courts will allow the remittance, by TST, of the Extraordinary Appeals and Interlocutory Appeals for its processing in STF and its return via electronic system.

Justice Ayres Britto welcomed the cooperation between the two courts in “such a strategic field as it is the electronic one”, highlighting the “commitment of the Labor Justice in designing and operating a vanguard system”, through an electronic process nationally unified, and based on the system adopted by the National Council of Justice, the Electronic Handling of Cases. (Processo Judicial Eletronico – PJe in Portuguese). “It is a factor of integration, not only of the Labor branch of Justice, but of every branch of the Judiciary “, he said. “We like to see ideas turn into reality”.

Currently, some 50% of the STF cases are already virtual. In its turn, TST is considered a great partner due to the number of cases send to STF and because of its advanced level of development of the electronic handling of cases.

Environmental impact

The president of TST highlights that, besides the advantages of portability and accessibility, the environmental aspects of the virtualization of cases. According to a research conducted by the Superior Labor Court for Rio +20, the elimination of conventional cases, on paper, will result in average annual reduction of 2,019 tons of paper, equivalent to 50,000 trees, 201,000 liters of water and “and thousands of kilowatt/hour of electricity”. There will also be a significant reduction of carbon emissions produced by the transportation of the paper cases.

“It is the highest technology in service of a highest quality of life”, said Justice Ayres Britto

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