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President of STF presents structure of the Judiciary to British delegation

Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday morning (Oct. 26), the president of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF), Chief Justice Ayres Britto, received the visit of representatives of the Law Society of England and Wales and the chairman of the Federal Council of Brazilian Bar Association (OAB), Ophir Cavalcanti. On the occasion, the president of the Brazilian Supreme Court explained to the British representatives the particularities, duties and structure of Brazilian judicial system.

The meeting at the STF is part of the schedule of the British delegation in Brazil, which came to Brasilia to sign the work plan of the memorandum of understanding between the Brazilian Bar Association and the Law society of England and Wales – counterpart of OAB in the United Kingdom. The document defines the activities to be performed by the two entities in order to strengthen relations between Brazilian and British advocacy, explore the opportunities for projects and events and foster internships for young lawyers of both countries.

According to Justice Ayres Britto, the institutional and professional exchange is necessary since “Brazil has become an attractive country, not only in the economic standpoint but also for the avant garde of democratic ideas”.

Participated in the meeting with the president of STF the head of the international department and the advisor for international policies of the Law Society, Julia Bateman and Charlotte Ford, the head of the international department of the Bar Council of England and Wales – entity also representative of British attorneys – Christian Wisskirchen, and member of the Bar Council Federico Singarajah.  Justice Ayres Britto expressed his satisfaction in “receiving the two most representative institutions of advocacy in England, either in a preventive and advisory plan or in the litigation plan”.

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