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STF receives Minister of Justice of Austria

Monday, October 29, 2012

Justice Gilmar Mendes received this Monday the visit of the Minister of Justice of Austria, Beatrix Karl. “I came with the intention of exchanging of ideas on the legal system of our countries”, she said at the end of the meeting.

Ms. Beatrix came accompanied by an Austrian delegation that was composed, among other authorities, of the Austrian ambassador in Brazil, Marianne Feldman, and the judge for European and International Affairs, Andrea Martini. The Minister said that during the day she will visit other courts and the Minister of Justice. “It is always very interesting to travel because we have the opportunity of comparing legal systems, which allows us to learn many things”.

Justice Gilmar Mendes recalled that Austria, like Brazil, has a Constitutional Court. The difference is that there, the court deals exclusively with constitutional issues, while the STF also accumulates the function of being the last instance of Brazilian Judiciary. “Although there is a constitutional court there, we here work with this role of STF, which is being the last judicial instance and also the body for abstract control of constitutionality” he said.


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