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Teori Zavascki takes office as Justice of STF

, November 29, 2012

In a ceremony held at the Plenary of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF), Justice Teori Albino Zavascki took office on Thursday (29), as a new member of the Court, replacing Justice Cezar Peluso, retired last September, at the mandatory age of 70 years old.

The ceremony was opened by the President of the Court, Justice Joaquim Barbosa, and the National Anthem was performed by the Marine Band from Brasilia. Then the senior member of the Supreme Court, Justice Celso de Mello, and the newest member of the Court until then, Justice Rosa Weber, led Zavascki to the Plenary, where he signed the office and was pronounced Justice of the Supreme Court by Justice Joaquim Barbosa.

The ceremony conducted by the court's president, started at 16h11m and ended at 16h23m. Then, the new Justice was offered the compliments and congratulations in the White Hall of the Supreme Court, which is adjacent to the plenary. President of the Senate, José Sarney, President of the House of Representatives, Marco Maia, and the Minister of Justice, Eduardo Cardozo, among other authorities, attended the ceremony.

The new Justice of the Supreme was a member the Superior Court of Justice (STJ) since May 2003, participating in the Special Court, the Board of Directors and the Committee for Documentation. He was elected member of the Board of the Federal Justice (CJF) in June 2011 and also participated in the Council of the National School of Development and Improvement of Magistrates.


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