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Exchange Program Teixeira de Freitas analyses activities of 2012

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

From October 1st to November 30th, the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF) received two foreign students in another edition of the Exchange Program Teixeira de Freitas. Established within the members and associated countries of MERCOSUR, the exchange program for students is conducted through a partnership between the STF and the University of Brasilia (UNB).

The students of law, Viviana del Pilar Villalobos Fuentes, from the University Alberto Hurtado in Chile, and Jhon Sebastián Ibarra González, from the International University of Ecuador, went through two rounds of selection, the first one by their home university and the second one by UNB. The students attended one semester at UNB in the morning, where they studied Law and Portuguese. In the afternoon, they performed a voluntary internship at the Court, for a period of two months and with a schedule of four hours daily.

Coordinated by the Office of International Affairs, the STF internship is divided into three stages. At first, students learn about the organization of the Brazilian Judiciary, through lectures and visiting fundamental institutions of Justice in Brazil. At this stage, the goal is to get them to know, among others, the organization of the Brazilian state, relevant features of the Constitution, the separation of powers and, in particular, the functioning of the judiciary at all levels.

In the second step, in order to understand the structure and inner workings of the STF, the students held activities in several sections, coordinations, secretariats and offices. Special emphasis was given to the processing and flow of actions, since its arrival until the disclosure of precedents through Bulletin MERCOJUR. During the activity, students interacted with judicial servants, contractors and interns, who explained the duties of their areas and their work routines.
Last step

In the last step, they attended the IV Seminar Teixeira de Freitas in order to consolidate the knowledge acquired during the internship, from a perspective of comparative law between Brazil and their countries of origin. The Ecuadorian student Sebastián Ibarra gave a presentation on "The Judiciary of Ecuador" to Dr. Sérgio Mendes, Chief of Staff of the Presidency during the administration of Justice Ayres Britto. The Chilean student Viviana Villalobos made a comparative analysis on the concept of person and the right to life, based on ADI 3510, ADPF 54 of STF and Action of Unconstitutionality 740/08 of the Constitutional Court of Chile, followed by a discussion with Felipe de Melo Fonte, Assessor from Justice Marco Aurelio’s office, and Dr. Luis Cláudio Coni, Chief Advisor for International Affairs.


For the realization of the exchange program, the Office of International Affairs received support from various units of the Court, besides important collaboration of bodies of the Brazilian judiciary, Brazilian Bar Association, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Federal Public Prosecution and National Congress.

The Office of International Affairs is immensely grateful to everyone who contributed to the success of the Program Teixeira de Freitas and enjoyed the company of representatives from our house called South America.

Please check below the articles and reports of the students:

Jhon Sebastián Ibarra González
Viviana del Pilar Villalobos Fuentes

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