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Opening Speech Of The Judicial Year 2013

Chief Justice Joaquim Barbosa
President of the STF and CNJ


This ceremony marks the opening of the Brazilian Judicial Year. As we begin another period of work, I understand it is the responsibility of each member of this Power to reflect on the steps to be made in the sense of better serving the citizens, ensuring full effectiveness of Justice. Particularly, I would like for the 2013 year to be remembered in the future as the year that, thanks to the technological and structural and mental changes, the Brazilian system of jurisdictional service would have become more just, more rational and more comprehensible.

Nobody ignores the importance of the judicial function for the promotion of social peace and the execution of the citizens’ rights, and especially the Brazilian citizens that integrate the most disadvantageous segment of the population. The Judicial Power is fundamental for the defense and the execution of the democratic principles, as well as to assure to all equal treatment in all the aspects of life. One of our great challenges is to consolidate a neutral Judiciary, foreign to structural and processually unjust practices.

An equally essential factor to the consolidation of the constitutional rights and guarantees is the harmonic interaction among the Judicial, Executive and Legislative Powers, represented here today. The full validity of the Democratic Rule of Law implies a balanced separation of Powers and in full recognition of the independence and the authority of Justice. There is no democracy without strong Justice and without independent judges.

The Supreme Federal Court has today a collection of more than 65 thousand cases awaiting trial. There are more than 700 cases already properly included in guidelines published on the Justice Gazette and awaiting the trial scheduling by the Plenary of this Court. We have many extraordinary appeals with general repercussion already recognized also awaiting trial by the Plenary. Such trials that will affect more than 500 thousand discontinued cases on the courts of origin of all the Country. Our performance here in the Supreme Court depends largely on the work improvement of the Brazilian judicial system. Therefore, I can assure that we will make great effort to confer speed to our work in order to make real the fundamental principles written in our Constitution.

All the effort so that we may have a better Justice will only yield results if we have the valorization of the magistrate’s figure and the role of the thousands of the Judicial Power’s servants. It is necessary to assure you constant technical and legal improvement, security in the exercise of your functions and fair remuneration, as well as the free and independent performance. Lastly, I want to reiterate the vows of a very productive and profitable year to all and declare the works of the Judicial Year of 2013 to be opened.

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