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President of STF receives Ambassador of France

Chief Justice Joaquim Barbosa, of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF), received, last Tuesday, a courtesy visit from the Ambassador of France in Brazil, Bruno Delaye. According to him, Chief Justice Joaquim Barbosa “is a well known person in France” and “represents that Brazil we wished for, one which strengthens the Rule of Law.”

Delaye marked the importance of the Judicial Power for democracy, “especially when the trust on political representation sometimes could be lost,” and stated that, in Brazil, the Judiciary plays an important role as regulator of public life. “Chief Justice Barbosa embodies this Judicial Power’s responsibility very well, with strong support from Brazilian citizens,” he observed.

During the visit, the Ambassador and the Chief Justice also spoke about France-Brazil affairs on judicial matter, especially with regards to the existing problems on the border with the French Guiana. Delaye said that the great circulation of people between both borders and the existing local police matters are a concern for both countries. “This presupposes an effort from our Judicial Powers to fight against organized crime”, he concluded.


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