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Education is the most important right that citizens may demand from the State, says Chief Justice of the STF in master class at UnB

The  Chief Justice of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF) Joaquim Barbosa, affirmed this Friday (5), when lecturing a master class for the new students (freshman) of the University of Brasília (UnB), that education is the most important right that citizens may demand from State. The Chief Justice, who was invited to share his experience during the Welcoming Ceremony for the new students, expressed the importance of education for the personal improvement and the development of the nations.

“Education is, without a doubt, the most important provision that the human being, that is, the citizen, has the right to claim, to demand from the State. It is through it that we gain the necessary knowledge to transform our lives and the lives of all the community in which we insert ourselves,” said the STF’s Chief Justice.

The Chief Justice defended that education must be lectured in an environment of absolute freedom, but also with diversity of faculty and students. He stressed that, without access to education, the individual is separated from the means of giving his qualitative contribution for society.

“It is through education that we may reach that ideal that appear to me to be common to all conscious human beings of his rights and responsibilities, in other words, of having at his disposal the indispensable means to the satisfaction of his constant necessity of pursuing happiness and look after individual well-being and the collective well-being”, said the Chief Justice.

The STF’s President, who completed his master’s degree at UnB 30 years ago, highlighted the importance of interdisciplinary education offered by the institution, which came to be one of the hallmarks of his professional and academic career and of his intellectual formation, and encouraged the students to take advantage of all the opportunities offered by the university, such as extension courses, lectures, conferences and the Central Library’s collection. “Read a lot, read everything, read the Constitution. It is that way that all of you can gain the constitutional feeling. We need to create a constitutional feeling in our country,” he said.

The Chief Justice also stressed that the constant update is a challenge to professionals of all areas, in the science field as well as on the humanities domain. “It is that in the world we live in today, dynamic, fast in terms of transformations, full of new and surprising situations, constantly leads us in search of new improvements and of new forms of permanent scientific investigation,” he stated.

The Chief Justice highlighted that education is a mechanism of inclusion that provides the indispensable instruments for the concretion of material equality, of equality of opportunities, and also that signals to the youth, who soon will be in control of the conduction of the country’s main affairs, the right path that they shall tread and the correct behavior to whose observance they cannot escape.

“It is to education, and only to it, that is settled the revolutionary task to instill in you, university students, the indispensable values for understanding the necessity for us to build a society which is each time more fair, more equal and based on the maximum ideal of respecting the neighbor and each time more dedicated to the consolidation of our democratic institutions".


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