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Chief Justice Barbosa will attend conferences in Paris and London

Thursday – January 16, 2014

The Brazilian Federal Supreme Court's (STF) Chief Justice Joaquim Barbosa, who would be officially on vacation until the end of January, will interrupt the resting period to attend to invitations sent several months ago from the Paris-Sorbonne University, the President of the Constitutional Council of France and the King’s College London.

Chief Justice Barbosa is going to represent the Supreme Court in lectures and conferences organized by the aforementioned institutions – which hold remarkable academic prestige. Beyond these commitments, from January 20 through January 30, Chief Justice Barbosa will also visit, and render previous visits made to STF, to authorities from both countries.

During all the scheduled meetings, Chief Justice Barbosa will address issues related to the functioning of the Brazilian institutions, especially of the Supreme Court. The airfares are being provided by the Universities which presented the invitations.

The invitation to the lecture in Paris was made by Professor Dominique Rousseau, from Sorbonne. On the other hand, the King’s College London brought forward its invitation when acknowledge the ongoing Chief Justice’s travel to Europe. The scheduling of these two commitments brought, as well, other invitations to meetings and appointments. The official Agenda of Chief Justice Barbosa’s travel to Europe is organized as follows.

Working Agenda of Chief Justice of the Supreme Court in Paris and London, on January 2014.


January 22 (Wednesday) – Meeting with the Constitutional Council’s President, Jean-Louis Debre, and dinner with presence of the Conseil d’État’s President, French judiciary authorities, jurists and French college professors.

Conseil Constitutionnel
2, rue de Montpensier – 75001 – Paris

January 23 (Thursday) – Meeting with the French Minister of Justice, Christiane Taubira.

Ministry of Justice of France
13, Place Vendôme – 75001 – Paris

January 24 (Friday) – Guest of honor on a seminar organized by Professor Dominique Rousseau on Paris University.

Paris I University
17, rue de la Sorbonne – Paris

January 25 and 26 (Saturday and Sunday)


January 27 (Monday)
12h – Arrival in London
14h – 15h30 – Meeting with Rt Hon Kenneth Clarke ( Anti- Corruption specialist and former Minister of Justice).

January 28 (Tuesday)
12h-15h - Visit and Meetings at the Inner Temple.
12h - Welcome.
12h30 - Lunch with senior judges, the Sub-Treasurer and representatives from the Bar Council’s International Committee.
14h30-15h - Tour of the Inn and the Church with the Master of the Temple.
15h30-17h - Visit to the British Library and the ‘Magna Carta’. Private viewing of Magna Carta and 'show and tell' of Brazilian/Latin American treasures from the Library's collection. Meeting with Roly Keating (CEO) and Caroline Brazier (Director Collections).

January 29 (Wednesday)
10h-12h - Meeting with King’s College students.
13h-14h30 - Lunch reception at the Brazilian Ambassador's residence.
15h-16h - Meeting with the Bar Council of England and Wales. Welcome and introduction to the Bar Council and the profession by Nicholas Lavender QC, Chairman of the Bar Council of England and Wales. Presentation of the Bar Council International Committee’s activities by Chantal-Aimee Doerries QC, Chairman of the International Committee. Bar Council’s relationship with Ordem dos Advogados and future projects by Frederico Singarajah, International Committee Lead on Brazilian relationships.
17h-18h - Meeting with the Lex Anglo-Brasil at the Law Society of England and Wales.
18h30 - Lecture on King’s College (Saffra Lecture Theatre).

January 30 (Thursday)
Chief Justice’s departure to Brazil.

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