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President of the Supreme Court opens the Judiciary Year of 2014

Monday, February 3, 2014

In a brief ceremony, the Chief Justice of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF), Joaquim Barbosa, initiated the Judiciary’s activities for the 2014 year, stressing the efforts made to turn the Brazilian Judiciary’s information systems more agile and modern and emphasizing the importance of the first-instance judge’s value.

The Chief Justice recalled that the opening ceremony session of the Judiciary Year was conceived ten years ago by the President of the Court at that time, Chief Justice Maurício Corrêa, “and it became a tradition that renews itself each year.” The Court’s Chief Justice cited the institutes of the General Repercussion and of the Binding Summula, highlighting that the Judiciary Power has gone through great transformations in the functionality of its activities – which has reduced the processing time and the cases’ cost.

Joaquim Barbosa stressed the importance of the Judiciary’s independence with the valuing of the single judge and of the first-instance of jurisdiction’s staff, besides the strengthening of the special courts, and recalled that, last year, 46 themes of general repercussion were analyzed by the STF. Such had an impact on more than 116 thousand cases that were on the courts waiting the Supreme Court’s understanding.

The celebration of the Brazilian Constitution’s 25 Years and the opening sessions of the 49th Extraordinary Session of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights were also remembered at the ceremony session. The balance of the Judiciary’s activities in 2013 in the Annual Activities’ Report was sent to the Justices during the ceremony.

The STF’s President thanked the presence “of the current Justices and the always Justices of STF,” the National Congress’ President, Renan Calheiros, the Minster of Justice, José Eduardo Cardozo, representing President Dilma Rousseff, the Republic’s Attorney General, Rodrigo Janot, the Federal Union’s Lawyer General, Luís Inácio Adams, and the Superior and State Courts’ Presidents, National Council of Justice’s (CNJ) Counsellors, Armed Forces' Commanders and representatives of Lawyer’s and Magistrates’ class entities.

The Chief Justice announced that, in 2014, the Court’s efforts will have continuity in analyzing cases with general repercussion to give definitive resolution to several themes. He wished to all a productive year and declared the activities open.


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