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Cooperation Protocol approximates the Judiciary of Brazil and Angola

Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

The elected Chief Justice of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF), Ricardo Lewandowski, and the President of the Supreme Court of Angola, Chief Justice Cristiano André, signed a cooperation protocol this Wednesday (27) that establishes structuring lines for a magistrate training program of the African country in Brazil. “Angola is a country that conquered its independence only 40 years ago, little time for a nation, and we hope to attain many benefits with Brazil’s experience,” the Chief Justice of Angola affirmed at the signing of the protocol. To Chief Justice Lewandowski, the document formalizes a long institutional relation and “centuries of economic and cultural ties” between Brazil and Angola. “It is a two-way path, for, besides transmitting the Brazilian Judiciary’s experience, we also have much to learn with the ancient Angolan culture,” he stated.

The agreement is derived from friendship ties between the Judiciary Powers of both countries and from both states’ intentions to consolidate and intensify actions, programs and other mechanisms and instruments for cooperation between the Supreme Courts, providing effective exchange of experience the on modernization and improvement of the judiciary systems of both countries. Besides experience exchange, both Judiciaries will share documents, bibliographic material, research and statistics, among other information.

The President of the Supreme Court of Angola recalled that, since 2003, his country maintains relations with Brazil aimed at training magistrates. Agreements settled at that occasion with judicial schools from the Court of Justice of Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais, São Paulo and Rondônia contributed to the training of magistrates that, today, “are on the highest structures of Angola’s Justice.”

Besides the Presidents of both Courts, the following attended the ceremony of the signing of the protocol: the ambassador of Angola in Brazil, Nelson Cosme, the General-Director of the National Institute of Judiciary Studies (INEJ), Vanda Lima Filipe, the representative judge of INEJ’s Superior Council of the Judicial Magistrate, Manuel Dias da Silva, the Deputy-Attorney General of the Republic and the representative of the Superior Council of the Magistrate of INEJ’s Public Ministry, Joaquim António da Fonseca, and judge Antónia Germano Sebastião.


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