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Seoul: Chief Justice Lewandowski highlights STF's decisions in meeting of Constitutional Courts

Monday, September 29, 2014

The Chief Justice of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF), Ricardo Lewandowski, highlighted three important decisions of the Court in his participation at the meeting of the Conference of Constitutional Jurisdictions of Portuguese Speaking Countries (CJCPLP) this Sunday (28), in Seoul (Republic of Korea). The quota system adopted in Brazil (found by the STF to be in compliance with the Brazilian Constitution) the recognition of stable union between persons of the same gender and the assurance of indigenous peoples’ permanence in lands of immemorial (permanent) possession were subjects addressed by the Chief Justice with Magistrates that attended the event. At the CJCPLP meeting, the next international seminary of the conference was defined to take place at the STF on November of 2015.

The CJCPLP meeting occurred in parallel to the 3rd World Congress on Constitutional Justice, an event promoted by the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Korea, which takes place until tomorrow (30). The congress gathers constitutional courts of 92 countries of four continents in a global scope. This year, the focus is to analyze how the Constitutional Courts deal with integration and social conflict. Besides the legal and academic schedule, the congress will also held a series of official ceremonies and diplomatic meetings.

Chief Justice Ricardo Lewandowski participated on the official opening of the congress, next to the President of the hosting Court, Park Han Chui, the General-Secretary of the United Nations (UN), Ban Ki-Moon, and the President of the Venice Commission, Gianni Buquicchio. This Sunday (28), the STF President was privately received by the President of the Constitutional Court of South Korea, Par Han Chui, when he answered Han Chui’s various questions on the structure of the Brazilian Judiciary and the STF’s organization. At night, Chief Justice Lewandowski attended a dinner offered by the Republic of Korea’s Prime-Minister, Chung Hongwon.

World Congress

The World Congress on Constitutional Justice is organized in partnership with the European Commission for Democracy through Law. This commission, also known as Venice Commission due to the city where it usually meets in Italy, is an advisory body of the European Union on constitutional matters. It is composed of independent experts nominated by Member-States, which meets four times a year in Venice, in Plenary Session, in order to approve opinions and to promote the exchange of information on constitutional developments. Brazil joined the Venice Commission in April of 2009.


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