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Chief Justice of the STF participates in seminar promoted by AJLP in Lisbon

Monday, 3 November 2014

The  Chief Justice of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF), Ricardo Lawandowski, participated last Friday (31), in Lisbon, in a seminar promoted by the Academy of Jurisprudents of Portuguese Language (AJLP). The subject at the meeting was the comparison of the experiences of Portugal and Brazil on the judiciaries’ organization.

While lecturing to Portuguese magistrates, the President of the STF spoke on the Brazilian Judiciary and stressed that the National Council of Justice’s (CNJ) activity, created 10 years ago and whose mission is the formulation of policies and national strategies aimed to make the Judiciary System more efficient and less onerous. The Chief Justice highlighted that one of its most important objectives is the standardization of the 90 autonomous courts’ “judicial policies” that integrate the Judiciary Branch, excluding the Supreme Federal Court.

The Chief Justice stated that, in 2013, Brazilian Justices rendered more than 25 million sentences, an average of 1,600 for each one of approximately 16,500 magistrates. He also highlighted that, to make jurisdictional services more agile, one of the initiatives encouraged by the CNJ is the utilization of conciliation as a tool to solve legal disputes.

To disclose that idea, in December of 2013, CNJ organized the Sixth National Weak of Conciliation that resulted in the organization of 350,411 hearings and more than R$1 billion in approved values.

During the event, Chief Justice Ricardo Lewandowski was sworn in as member of the Academy of Jurisprudents of Portuguese Language, of which he is academic holder of permanent chair.



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