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Justice Teori Zavascki participates in the seminar on Constitutional Law in Africa

Thuesday,  November 25th, 2014

Justice Teori Zavascki, of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF), participates in the Seminar on the “Evolution of Constitutional Law in Africa,” held in Algiers, Algeria. The event is organized in celebration of 25 years of the Algerian Constitutional Council.

On November 25th, Justice Teori Zavascki presides on the third session of debates and, in the afternoon, he will give speech as the representative of the Conference of Constitutional Jurisdictions of Portuguese Speaking Countries (CJCPLP), of which Brazil holds rotative presidency to the 2014/2016 biennium.

Between November 24 and 26, the meeting gathers representatives of Courts and Constitutional Entities of various countries among Algeria, Brazil, South Africa, Senegal, France, Benin, Nigeria and Gabon. The Justice issue in South Africa’s post-Apartheid regime, the progress on constitutional law in Tunisia beginning with the so-called Arab Spring, initiated in 2010, and the positive tendencies of the African neoconstitutionalism are among the debates issues.


In a speech given at the end of the Seminar, Justice Teori Zavascki highlighted the importance of the Conference of Constitutional Jurisdictions of Portuguese Speaking Countries and the Ibero-American Conference of Constitutional Justice, which both he represented at the meeting. According to Justice Teori Zavascki, the conferences’ objective, such as the Ibero-American, is to “be a source of exchange of experience and information to strengthen the constitutional systems by reaffirming shared postulates, and giving a better answer to the increasing requirements of citizens from different countries within the constitutional justice field.”

The Conference of Constitutional Jurisdictions of Portuguese Speaking Countries (CJCPLP) is integrated by the Constitutional Courts of Angola and of Portugal, by the Supreme Federal Court of Brazil, by the Supreme Courts of Justice of Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, São Tomé e Príncipe, by the Constitutional Council of Mozambique and by the Appeal Court of East Timor.

The CJCPLP was created in 2008 and had its statute approved in May of 2010 during an assembly held at Lisboa. The conference is an instrument of cooperation and improvement of the judicial institutions of the countries that integrate it. In June of this year, the third assembly of the CJCPLP was held in Benguela, Angola, of which the theme was “The role of constitutional justice on the protection of fundamental rights.”

See the complete text of the speech of Justice Teori Zavascki in the Seminar on the Evolution of Constitutional Law in Africa.


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