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Chief Justice Ricardo Lewandowski is received in an audience by the Pope Francisco

The Chief Justice of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF), Ricardo Lewandowski, attended to several engagements between yesterday and today (18), scheduled in his official visit to Italy and to the Vatican. The Justice was received in a private audience with the Pope Francisco, in the Vatican, in the morning of this Wednesday, and yesterday he went to National Council of Magistracy, an Italian equivalent for the National Council of Justice – CNJ, where a protocol of cooperation between these two councils was discussed.

In the Vatican, the encounter with the Pope Francisco promoted a discussion of ideas regarding the common concerns between the Catholic Church and the Judicial Branch, such as the protection of fragile social groups, the social development and the environment preservation. During the audience, scheduled after a Vatican’s invitation, the Pope Francisco and the Justice Ricardo Lewandowski dialogued over the importance of the Judicial Branch on the promotion of social peace, in the guarantee of the fundamental rights and in the promotion of the sustainable development.

A discussion referent to the political and social situation of Brazil and of the South American region also occurred, considering the need to guarantee the improvement of the living conditions in South America, especially for the fragile social groups. The Pope addressed the need to conciliate the social development and the protection to the environment, emphasizing the role of the Judicial Branch in relation to this matter.

After the encounter with the Pope, the Justice met with the State Secretary of the Vatican, the cardinal Pietro Parolin, to discuss the importance of actions of the institutions, including the Church and the Judicial Branch, to guarantee the pluralism, considering the sings of social, political and religious radicalization in the international community.

The cardinal pointed out, in the Brazilian situation, the important role of the Federal Supreme Court and of the Brazilian Judiciary Branch in the preservation of the harmony and of the social stability. The Chief Justice Ricardo Lewandowsk, on his turn, pointed out the commitment of the STF with the guarantee of fundamental rights and of the Democratic State of Law, observing that Brazil has a cultural and institutional environment that favors, in a unique way on the international scene, the pacific coexistence between the different religions.

National Council of the Magistracy

On Tuesday (17), the Justice Ricardo Lewandowski visited the National Council of the Magistracy – CNS of Italy, where he was received by Giovanni Legnini, vice president of the council. In addition to the debate of the possibility of the protocol of cooperation between the Italian council and it’s Brazilian counterparty, the CNJ, the encounter between the two authorities addressed the social and cultural similarities and also the similarities between the juridical systems in Brazil and Italy.

The Italian Justice reported the existence, in the CNS, of an office of juridical studies, which would have a central part in an eventual cooperation with the CNJ. This cooperation would involve the exchange of experiences, jurisprudence and good practice between the two institutions. By the end of the encounter, both of them accepted the commitment of continuing with what was discussed and defining a protocol of institutional cooperation.

The vice president of the CNS made a presentation on the operation of the institution, as well as the president of the CNJ and the STJ reported to the colleague the process of creation and the operation of the Brazilian Council. The Chief Justice Lewandowski described the peculiarities of the creation and the development of the council, since it’s formal creation, by the Constitutional Amendment 45, in 2004, going through the transformations in it’s operation and the challenges faced these days. Lastly, he reinforced the goal defined by the current management of the CNJ, in the sense of prioritizing the strategic planning of the Brazilian Judiciary.

It’s was also discussed on the encounter the challenge assumed by the CNJ as well as the CNS in the task of reducing the time of duration of the lawsuits. It was pointed out the importance of the alternative means to solve conflicts, such as the mediation and the arbitration, to achieve the goal of reliving the overwhelming work load of the Judiciary of both countries.

Buckingham Palace

This week, the Chief Justice Ricardo Lewandowski will finish his official engagements in Rome, heading next to London, on Friday (20). On Sunday, he will participate of the opening of the Global Law Summit, an event that gathers authorities, lawyers and entrepreneurs, set to celebrate the 800 years of the Constitution of 1215. He will also participate as a panelist in one of the thematic panels of the encounter, scheduled for Tuesday (24).

Among the other official engagements assumed by the Chief Justice of the STF, there is a visit to the British Parliament, with the company of local parliamentary, an encounter with the President of the British Supreme Court, Lord Neuberger, and a reception at the Buckingham Palace, with the presence of Queen Elizabeth.



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