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Justice Lewandowski signs agreement that seeks to quicken corruption cases

March 26, 2015

"The fight against corruption should involve not only agents representing the State, but society as a whole, for it is also a cultural problem." The statement was made by the Chief justice of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF) and National Council of Justice (CNJ), Ricardo Lewandowski, during the signing ceremony of the cooperation agreement to fight corruption and impunity, held on Wednesday (25th) at the office of the Presidency at the Supreme Court. The proposal seeks to quicken the course of judicial and administrative proceedings related to the practice of illicit conduct against public property.

Minister of Justice Jose Eduardo Cardozo, president of the National Council of the Public Ministry (CNMP), Rodrigo Janot, the General Advocate of the Union (AGU), Luis Inacio Adams, Minister of Comptroller General Union (CGU), Valdir Simon, and the president of the Federal Council of the Bar Association of Brazil (OAB), Marcus Vinicius Furtado Coêlho have also signed the cooperation agreement.

According to the president of the Supreme Court, Justice Ricardo Lewandowski, the Federal Constitution of 1988 has brought anti-corruption goals in Article 37, when listed the guiding principles of public administration, such as morality, publicity and transparency. However, he stressed that progress must be in the judicial, legislative and administrative areas and in this regard, he recalled goal number 4 of the National Council of Justice, signed between judges from all over the country to "put an end to the actions of misconduct and corruption in our country."

In addition to the efforts of those involved in the cooperation agreement, Minister Ricardo Lewandowski noted that any measure seeking to combat corruption must involve the whole society. "Corruption and confusion among the public and the private, unfortunately rife in our country for over 500 years, from the time that hereditary captaincies were established”.

Maurício de Souza

When highlighting that “it will be a fight without truce , neither in the legislative and judicial level", minister Ricardo Lewandowski announced a partnership with “Maurício de Souza Studios” to lead the children through the comic books “Turma da Monica”  a few notions of “how to act morally and by that helping Brazil be a better place. "

Very touched, Maurício de Souza said he was honored to put all his characters and 200 designers of his studio available to this proposal of fighting corruption and to carry valuable messages to millions of children that follow their work over more than 50 years . "These are suggestions that we learn from our parents, our grandparents, and I think it's time to rescue a lot that we hear and nourish ourselves. We can help a lot with our technology and our art", said the cartoonist during the ceremony.

Research Group

The agreement provides the creation of a working group focused on implementing ideas to combat corruption, composed by representatives of various bodies of judicial and executive branches. The partnership also provides the participation of entities or members of the public and private sector, acting professionally in activities related to the theme, through the creation of an Employee Forum.

The report with the results of the work must be submitted within 60 days, renewable for the same period from the date of the agreement date of publication. The partnership between the CNJ, MJ , CNMP , AGU , CGU and OAB does not involve financial support among the participating agencies and each should bear its own costs.



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