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Russian delegation discusses electronic judicial system in STF

Thursday, April 16th 2015

Delegation from the Council of Judges of the Russian Federation was on Wednesday (04/15) on the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF) to exchange impressions on the Judiciaries of both countries. On the morning, the Substitute Head of The International-Analytical Center of Support of State Automated System of Justice, Sergey Vitkalov, presented to members of the National Council of Justice (CNJ) the automated judicial systems used in Russia.

He informed that are 750 thousand mechanisms spread over 3 thousand Russian courts. In General, the country has about 7,7 thousand courts of first instance, from which 7,5 are federal, 85 are regional, 115 are arbitration ones and 12 are military. By the end of the lecture, Sergey Vitkalov answered questions of the CNJ members, which has similar role to the Russian council.

Afterwards, the auxiliary judge of the Presidency of the National Council of Justice, Bráulio Gabriel Gusmão, explained how the Electronic Judiciary Lawsuit (PJe) works. He pointed out that there was no pattern on the diverse systems of the Brazilian Justice and now there’s an unique number for each lawsuit. “The obsession of the CNJ is to reduce the volume of paper on the Judiciary. Our biggest challenge is the cultural change”, he said.

After the explanation, the delegation was received by the President of the STF and of the CNJ, minister Ricardo Lewandowski, who welcomed the visitors and offered them a lunch in honor to the president of the Russian council, Dmitry Krasnov.  The Head of the Office for Support of Judicial Community Bodies, Dmitriy Klimov, and the Head of The International Legal Cooperation Division, Anastasia Moskalenko, were also in the delegation.

The delegation accompanied the opening of the Plenary Session in STF and after, participated on the presentation of the main systems of integration and support to the Brazilian Judiciary, such as the BacenJud and the RenaJud. At 4 p.m., the group ended its schedule participating on a debate over possible mechanisms of international cooperation between Russia, the STF and the CNJ regarding computerized judicial systems.


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