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Brazilian and Russian Judiciaries discuss juridical cooperation agreement

Thursday, April 16th 2015

The Council of Judges of the Russian Federation, the National Council of Justice (CNJ) and the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF) initiated on Wednesday (04/15) a conversation aiming the signing of a technical cooperation agreement. The Russian delegation showed interest on the exchange of information that could help in the Russian project of electronic lawsuit, taking by example the Brazilian experience.

The juridical computerized systems were the main subject of the foreign visit to the federal capital. After they got to know the data regarding the Brazilian Judiciary and exchanged information over the phases of the lawsuit computerization, the Russian judges discussed the terms of a future agreement.

The visitors showed interest in a long term agreement, which contemplates the visit of young judges to both countries. “After we got to know the Brazilian electronic lawsuit, we were interest in sending young judges so they can see it by themselves and understand this experience”, said the president of the Russian delegation, Dmitry Krasnov.

According to the executive coordinator of the PJe and auxiliary judge of the CNJ, Bráulio Gusmão, the countries have a lot of knowledge to share. “We have noticed that there are many similarities between both systems of Justice, and also we have very similar propositions regarding the technology of information area”, he highlighted.

According to the president of the Russian group, Dmitry Krasnov, there is great interest on the Russian side on the system of judiciary lawsuit without using paper, aiming to facilitate the proceedings. “We intend to implement it in Russia. We are still in a process of elaboration of a juridical act to create the foundation of our system”, he said. To help in this process, the general secretary of the CNJ, auxiliary judge Fabrício Bitttencourt, offered the president the legal texts that were the foundation of the PJe’s creation in Brazil.

According to Bittencourt, the Russians demonstrated special interest on the Digital Office, project initiated by the CNJ during the management of minister Ricardo Lewandowski. “A lawyer that works in three courts with electronic lawsuits has to use routines with different logistics. With the Digital Office, this will be no longer necessary: the person will access the lawsuit from anywhere in the country by entering the site”, he explained.


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