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Foreign Participants of the Exchange Program arrive at STF

On Monday (21), began the XII Edition of the Program Joaquim Nabuco, through which the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF) receives representatives of the Supreme Courts and Constitutional Courts of member and associate countries of Mercosur who intend to learn about the functioning of the Brazilian courts. In this Edition, having in mind the changes introduced by Resolution No. 553/2015, foreign guests will have differentiated programs, aiming the exchange of strategic knowledge of interest of the Courts, focusing on innovative solutions and good practices of judicial systems in the region.

At the opening ceremony, the participants received a very warm welcome from the General Director, Amarildo Vieira, and the Chief Advisor of International Affairs, Fernando Cavalcanti.

In the XII Edition of the Program Joaquim Nabuco the following public servers and magistrates are participating:


Jaime Ruben Alvarez Astete - Supreme Court

Marisol Landrea Leiva Pinol - Supreme Court

Jorge Enrique Aguayo Ibáñez - Constitutional Court

Julio Antonio Ortiz Faúndez - Constitutional Court


Pili Etelvina Rodriguez - Supreme Court


Cesar Rodriguez Alegre - Constitutional Court

Fabrizio Terán Ludwick - Constitutional Court


Lina Silvia Fernandez remember - Supreme Court

Marcelo Enrique Souto Etchamendi - Supreme Court

Over the next two weeks, the participants will visit various headquartered organs and courts in Brasilia, such as the National Council of Justice, the higher courts, the Court of Justice of the Federal District and Territories and Attorney General's Office, as well as several units of the Supreme Court.

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