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On Friday (2nd), the 12th edition of the Joaquim Nabuco`s Program ended.

Monday, October 5th, 2015

Exchange Program

On Friday (2nd), the 12th edition of the Joaquim Nabuco‘s Program ended.
Representatives of the Supreme Courts and Constitutional Courts of the countries and associate members of MERCOSUR met the functioning of various organs of the judiciary and of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF). In this edition of the program, in view of the changes introduced by the resolution Nº. 553/2015, the foreign guests had differentiated agendas to the exchange of knowledge of strategic interest in the courts, with an emphasis on innovative solutions and good practices of judicial systems in the region.

In the first week of the exchange program, many visits to various organs and courts located in Brasilia were made, such as the visits at the National Council of Justice, at the Superior Courts, at the Court of Justice of the Federal District and Territories (TJDFT) and at the Brazilian Chief Prosecutor Office. Within the Superior Labor Court, the guests were received by the President Antonio José de Barros Levenhagen and were also received by the President of TJDFT, Judge Getulio de Moraes Oliveira. They also attended the investiture of the Minister Marcelo Navarro, in the Superior Court of Justice.
In the second week of the exchange program, they visited various units of the Supreme Court and met some of the good practices here performed, with a view to promote exchanges of experience with their courts. The program participants also had the opportunity to participate to the audience with the President of the Court, Minister Ricardo Lewandowski.

The participants of the program were also received by Ministers Celso de Mello and Edson Fachin.
Participated to the 12th edition of the Joaquim Nabuco Program public servants and magistrates of the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court of Chile, from Paraguay’s Supreme Court of Justice, from Peru's Constitutional Court and from Uruguay’s Supreme Court of Justice.

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