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Chief Justice of the STF and president of CNJ talks about new legal event in the US

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The president of the National Council of Justice and Chief Justice of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF), Ricardo Lewandowski, spoke about the new role of the Judiciary in the United States in event this Monday (19/10). The Justice spoke to a crowded room at the headquarters of the Inter-American Dialogue, nonprofit institution focused on public policy analysis, exchange of experiences and communication on issues of interest to the American continent.

To present information about the Brazilian judicial system, the Justice pointed out that the judiciary comes playing a key role in the institutional balance of the country and for the fight against corruption. According to him, these aspects reinforce the importance of ensuring an independent Judiciary. "An essential aspect of democracy is a Judiciary independent of political influence," he said.

The Justice further commented the current scenario lived across the country and said that, as a Brazilian, he is confident that Brazil will overcome any difficulties. "There is much to be done in order to ensure that justice is delivered to all citizens, regardless of their color or social class. However, it is important to acknowledge that significant steps have been taken in this direction over the past few years," he said.

Custody hearing

The Justice explained the context of the creation of the CNJ, 10 years ago, and highlighted the projects developed to ensure a quicker and humanized Justice, with the investments in technology, the adoption of alternative methods of conflict resolution and custody hearing, which has avoided more than 8 000 unnecessary arrests and has potential savings to the public purse that comes to $ 14 billion.

Still on the project, the Justice highlighted the strong bias for the guarantee of human rights, recalling that in Brazil some prisoners took more than six months before being presented to a judge. On the reduction of criminal majority, subject to constant discussion, both in the United States of America and Brazil, noted that a possible change in Brazilian rule would result in the increase of prison overpopulation.

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