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The President of the Supreme Court highlights the crucial role of Judiciary as agents of national pacification

The President of the National Council of Justice (CNJ) and Chief Justice of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF), Ricardo Lewandowski, said on Monday at the opening of the 20th National Week of Conciliation, that the main purpose of the Judiciary, when investing in alternative methods of conflict resolution, is to promote the social pacification. "It's not just that stock of lawsuits that we want to attack," he said. "We're more than agents of the judiciary for the settlement of disputes; we are agents of national pacification".

The Justice stated that conciliation and mediation are promoting a culture change among magistrates and citizens, who, to act with the Judiciary in resolving conflicts, end up strengthening the concept of participatory democracy, as provided for in the Constitution of 1988. "The Constitution has several moments that the citizen participates in the management of public matters, and the fact that the citizen help solve their own problems is a big step, not only in the speed and effectiveness of judicial performance, but also the deepen of citizenship", he concluded.

Promoted annually by the CNJ, the 10th National Week of Conciliation aims to stimulate and focus the consensual solution of conflicts in dozens of courts in the country. In Sao Paulo, the Justice Lewandowski participated in the opening ceremony of the Court of Justice of São Paulo (TJSP) and of the Federal Regional Court of the 3rd region (TRF3).

The former president of the National Council of Justice responsible for initiating the judicial policy of national conciliation, retired Justice Ellen Gracie, reminded that the alternative solution for the conflicts continued mobilizing Judiciary’s chiefs until it became one of the priorities of Justice Lewandowski’s management (Ordinance 16 / 2015). “Fortunately the reconciliation was accepted by the judges, the Judiciary servers and civil society. Nowadays, with almost ten years of the launch of this policy, I wonder if I had done just that in my administration, I would be very accomplished. It is a change of reality, of parameter, and not only in the Judiciary. The parts are checking how better it is to achieve a peaceful solution than to let everything to the Judiciary, which can’t attend to all the demands”, he said.

Source: CNJ

Photograph: Gilmar Félix/CNJ Agency

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