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Supreme Court welcomes Mercosul judges and public servants in exchange

The opening of this edition took place at 2pm in the Second Chamber and was attended by the director-general, Amarildo Vieira, and the chief advisor for international affairs, Ingrid Stein. The judicial secretary, Dennys Albuquerque, held a talk on “Brazilian federalism after the 1988 Constitution”, and the Citizen Ombudsman’s head, Marcos Alegre, explained the work developed in that department.


On November the 21st 2008, representatives of Mercosul’s lower and Supreme Courts and that of Associated States signed an agreement in order to promote a cooperation and exchange program for judges and civil servants.

From 2009 to 2015, the Supreme Court has received 70 people, among them four judges from Bolivia, eight from Chile, two from Ecuador, six from Paraguay, one from Peru and ten from Uruguay, in addition to three Bolivian civil servants, 27 Chileans, three Peruvians and six Uruguayans. The growing presence of high authorities from neighboring countries proves the success of the exchange initiative.

See below the list of participants in this edition:

Plurinational Constitutional Court
Chief Justice Juan Oswaldo Valencia Alvarado.

Supreme Court of Justice
Judge Luis Moisés Aedo Mora, Criminal Judge of Chillán;

Judge Benjamin Gonzalo Ahumada Ruz, Substitute Judge of the 2nd Civil Court of Valparaíso and member of the Supreme Court Modernizing Committee.

Constitutional Court
Dr. Catalina Salem Gesell, Advising Lawyer to Minister Marisol Peña.

Supreme Court of Justice
Justice Javier Villa Stein, Chief of the Permanent Criminal Chamber;

Justice Cesar José Hinostroza Pariachi, member of the Permanent Criminal Chamber;

Justice Angel Romero Díaz, member of the Transitional Civil Chamber;

Constitutional Court
Justice Marianella Ledesma Narváez, Vice-President of the Court;

Justice Carlos Ramos Nuñez;

Justice Ernesto Blume Fortini.


Supreme Court of Justice
Dr. José Ignacio Rivero Wyszyns, Legal Advisor to Minister Jorge Chediak.

Supreme Court of Justice
Justice Juan Luis Ibarra Verenzuela, member of the Criminal Cassation Chamber.



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