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Chief Justice of the Federal Supreme Court receives minister of Justice and Labor of Cape Verde

The Chief Justice of the Federal Supreme Court and president of the National Justice Council (CNJ), Carmén Lúcia, received on Friday (2) the minister of Justice and Labor of Cape Verde, Janine Lélis. The main theme of the conversation was the practices of the Brazilian Judiciary to deal with problems related to the national prison system. According to Lélis, the modernization of the prison system is one of the priorities of his portfolio.

The head of the Cape Verde Ministry of Justice said that the country has a prison population of 1,500 people, most of them with a low level of education, in a population of about 500,000. During her visit to Brazil, the objective of analyzing innovative practices on the reintegration of these people into society.

Carmén Lúcia presented an overview of the conditions of prisons and the population incarcerated in Brazil - currently of about 600 thousand people, higher than the number of inhabitants of Cape Verde. She also spoke about two programs developed by the National Council of Justice (CNJ): the “Mutirões Carcerários” and the “Começar de Novo”.

The President explained that in the Mutirões Carcerários, judges travel through the states to analyze the procedural situation of the people serving their sentence and to inspect the prison units in order to avoid irregularities and ensure compliance with the law on Criminal Executions. Created in 2008, the initiative has directly benefited more than 80,000 people with progression of sentence, provisional liberty and the right to external work, among other points, and 45,000 prisoners who had already served their sentence were released.

The “começar de novo” program aims to reintegrate the detainee from the prison system of society and into the labor market, through partnerships with companies, agencies and institutions - among them the Federal Supreme Court itself, which already has more than 70 participants in the program.


Carmén Lúcia also spoke about the issue of pregnant women prisoner, a problem that has received her attention since taking over the presidency of the Supreme Court and the CNJ. "The goal is to have no more brazilians born inside the prison", she said. The justice recalled that in Brazil, as in the world in general, about 6% of the prisoners are women, who, like men, live in precarious conditions.


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