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Delegation from Guinea-Bissau discusses method of conciliation with the Chief Justice of the Federal Supreme Court

A delegation of six judges and six prosecutors from Guinea-Bissau met on Thursday (1) with the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Cármen Lúcia, to discuss the brazilian experience with conciliation and mediation in the resolution of conflicts. "We want to use this system in our country to calm society and appease conflicts," said Judge Gássimo Djaló, a spokesman for the delegation.

At the meeting, the delegation of the African country received information from the Supreme Court president on the judicial method in Brazil. "We want to know the advantages of conciliation and mediation. This exchange will allow us to take to our country the good things of the experiences of the Brazilian Justice. Because of the great demand, sometimes the courts cannot respond in time the desires of the people. Disjudicing can help with this, "the judge said.

On the subject, justice Cármen Lúcia highlighted the efforts of the Brazilian Judiciary to "solve problems outside the judiciary, pacifying society". According to the justice Cármem Lúcia, intense work has been done in the mediation services, like the 10th Week of Conciliation, which totaled 641 thousand audiences, with the realization of almost 500 thousand agreements, which involved almost R $ 1.5 billion. "It is a true restorative justice work," said the president.

The President Cárme Lúcia also addressed the moment of global change, stressing that "society today wants results, efficiency," which leads the judiciary to rethink and improve its functions, especially in terms of the number of processes and work developed by the fence of 16,000 judges, she said.

Also present at the meeting were the magis Bacar Sané, Antonieta Cabral do Rosário, Carmelita Djú, Davide Camará and Joaquim António Correia, and the promoters Osvaldo Lacerda Vaz Costa, Francisco Martins Nascimento Lopes, Lilian Muscuta Góia Dansó, Juscelino Degaulle Pereira, Ibna Mário Gomes Pereira and Jorge João Pedro Gomes.




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