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STF receives visit from UN special rapporteur on indigenous rights

The Chief Justice of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF), Ricardo Lewandowski, received on Tuesday (8) the United Nations special rapporteur on the rights of indigenous peoples, Victoria Tauli-Corpuz, who makes an official visit to Brazil to identify and Assess the main issues faced by indigenous peoples in the country. The visit, which runs until the 17th, includes meetings with officials of the Executive, Legislative and Judiciary and visits to indigenous villages.

Victoria Tauli-Corpuz is the indigenous leader of the Philippines and chaired the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues between 2005 and 2010. She is in Brazil at the invitation of the Federal Government. As special rapporteur, she works voluntarily and independently.

During the visit to Brazil, Tauli-Corpuz should evaluate the implementation of the recommendations made by its predecessor (including those related to the Raposa-Serra do Sol case), the legislative activity regarding indigenous peoples and the processes of demarcation and protection of indigenous lands. In addition to Brasília, she will go to Mato Grosso do Sul, Bahia and Pará, as well as civil society and human rights organizations.

At the end of the visit, the rapporteur will submit a report containing her comments and recommendations to the UN Human Rights Council.


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