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Justice Carmen Lúcia takes stock of Supreme Court activities and closes judicial year 2016

Monday, December 19, 2016

The Chief Justice of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF), Carmen Lúcia, reviewed the activities of the Supreme Court before closing the judicial year, announcing that in 2016, 80 plenary sessions were held, 36 of which were ordinary and 44 extraordinary. According to the justice 13,138 were judged collegiate and 94,501 were monocratic, and 12,819 judgments were published in the year.

Justice Carmen Lúcia also informed that this year 80,297 cases were downloaded and that the current stock of the Supreme Court is 61,816 lawsuits in process, in front of a collection of 53,618 processes inherited from 2015. In relation to the current asset, 14,970 originating proceedings are processed in the Supreme Court. Provided for in article 102, item I, of the Federal Constitution, and 46,846 appeals, provided for in item II of the same article.

There were 90,713 registered cases, of which 33,780 were for prior screening or exclusive competence of the Supreme Court Presidency and another 56,933 were distributed to the justices' offices. The president announced in plenary that in the previous screening it was possible to reduce by up to 20% the number of cases that would reach the offices because they had defects that made it impossible to distribute and process them before the Court.

Happy Holidays

After the presentation of the numbers, the Justice Carmen Lúcia thanked on behalf of the Court to the Public Prosecution, lawyers, servants and the press, "who give us support in the sense of talking with society in the way that it becomes understandable what we decide , which really contributes to the strengthening of democracy in Brazil. "

The president of the Supreme Court ended the work with votes "a year's end with much peace and spirit for the restart that is always of unforeseen adventures, to face what comes good and also what is not good in life, but there will be to be faced. "

She hoped for "a comforting and empowering rest, since the next year already begins with a greater number of cases (a asset of 61,816), in spite of the new Code of Civil Procedure and the enormous campaign for disjudicialization, by mediation and conciliation, but it's still a change of culture. "

Justice Marco Aurelio, the oldest in the Court present at the Plenary Session, the Deputy Federal Attorney General, José Bonifácio de Andrada, and the Federal Government Attorney, Grace Fernandes, also expressed a wish for good parties to all.


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