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Meeting of Supreme Courts aims the legislative harmonization of mercosur

Friday, November 17, 2006

Among the difficulties encountered in the process of legislative harmonization of Mercosur's free trade area are the differences between the societies that form the bloc. In order to help resolve some of these difficulties, the Mercosur Supreme Court meeting will be held on November 23 and 24, with four themes as the fundamental axis: constitutional asymmetries, legal cooperation, legislative harmonization in material and procedural law, and system of dispute settlement.

The bloc's judiciary has already met three times in this forum. Last year, the third edition of the meeting, held in Brasilia, was attended by the presidents of the supreme courts of Mercosur and associated countries, European representatives, authorities, scholars, entrepreneurs and journalists. The idea of the meetings is to promote common laws and give greater legal certainty and legislative harmonization to the bloc.

According to Justice Eros Grau of the Supreme Court in Brazil, the production of norms involves consideration of the law, facts and social experiences of each country. "I fear that even if the same texts were imposed on the people of Mercosur, that even so the norms produced from these texts are different, because our realities are different," said the justice

In the final declaration of the 2005 meeting, the participants pledged to contribute to the process of integration of Mercosur, pointing to the press as a great ally.

According to Roberto Ruiz Diaz Labrano, from the Mercosur Center for the Rule of Law, the solution to integration issues discussed at the meeting "contribute to a final formula for all states achieving greater security, celerity and legal certainty."


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