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President of the Supreme Court of Justice of Guatemala visits the Supreme Court in Brazil

Monday, March 13, 2006

The president of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF) Jjustice Nelson Jobim, received on Monday (13) the president of the Judiciary and Supreme Court of Justice of Guatemala, Beatriz Ofelia de Leon Reys, who visits Brazil for the first time. She came to know the functioning of the Brazilian Judiciary and to discuss the cooperation agreement between Brazil and Guatemala.

In a press interview, the president of the Supreme Court of Guatemala spoke on the importance of the rapprochement between the two countries. Beatriz Reis believes that Justice has to interact with politics. This relationship, she said, is an important element for bilateral relations between countries interested in doing business with Guatemala and Brazil. Beatriz Reis said that there is a high volume of work in the Guatemalan Justice and that it intends to improve access to justice in the country.

President Beatriz Reys also recalled that the Supreme Courts are guarantees for legal security among the Mercosur countries. Beatriz Reis is the first woman president of the Supreme Court of Guatemala. According to her, it is necessary to have responsibility and to be an observer of the law so that the processes are fulfilled in a strict and strict way.

Jobim received a souvenir from Guatemala and presented the president of the Supreme Court Beatriz Reis with books of architectural photos of Brasília.


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