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Ellen Gracie and Celso Amorim talk about agreements for the integration of Mercosur

Wesnesday, December 20, 2006

Justice Ellen Gracie, president of the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF), met on Wednesday morning with Foreign Minister Celso Amorim. They talked about the results of the Meeting of Supreme Courts and of the international agreements in which the STF is a partner of Itamaraty.

The meeting was also attended by the Justice of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) Caputo Bastos and the president of the Institute of Integrated Development of Minas Gerais (INDI), Reginaldo Braga Arcury, scientific coordinators of the 4th Meeting of Supreme Courts of Mercosur.

The president of the STF made a retrospective of the Meetings of Supreme Courts, which had its fourth edition in Brazil in November of this year.

Justice Celso Amorim stressed that there is intense cooperation between Itamaraty and STF on issues related to the integration of Mercosur and also in other international areas. "There is a diplomacy of the Judiciary, in which we have collaborated." For this reason, the meeting aimed to take stock of this cooperation that already exists and also to launch new ideas, such as the creation of a group of studies involving the two institutions. The justicer said that he has already appointed a representative to the Itamaraty focal point in this group: an integration director of Mercosur, to effectively advance this cooperation.

The ideas discussed were, according to Amorim, in order to speed up access to justice. "As I said, it is not enough that the president and the chancellor are integrationists, it is necessary that the corner guard is an integrationist, that the customs inspector is an integrationist and that the judicial action in this is fundamental," said Amorim. According to the justice, "integration is not a project of the Executive, the Legislative or the Judiciary, but it is a project in which the Three Powers act in a manner, as it should be, independent but harmonious."

Another point of the discussion between the ministers was the group created by Ellen Gracie to study the Hague Convention with the intention of combating the international kidnapping of children. Celso Amorim praised the initiative. "I think it was a very important breakthrough that was established in the sense that these cases are all sent to the same federal court because this facilitates the assessment. This is what we also want to do with the causes that involve Mercosur. Certainly a big step forward so that certain international standards can be quickly appreciated by the judiciary. "

Justice Celso Amorim was optimistic about the changes in South America regarding integration: "I think we are moving forward and this interest in the Judiciary reflects the interest of society in the integration process. We have a growing involvement of every society in the integration process and this is an ideal shared by all the countries of South America. "


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